Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book updates!

Yesterday was really exciting for me. The cover for Unravel and it's blurb was revealed!!! YESS! This book has sat, and sat and sat on my laptop for years.

Before the Sloan brothers, there was THIS story. It has a extremely special place in my heart.
I'm SO excited about this story because it's so different from the Sloan's. It's dark, twisted, angsty, and has a romance that should have never happened.
Not forbidden.
Not wrong.
Just impossible. 

Everything in this book revolves around time. The blurb? It describes the book perfectly.


  1. Congrats on the reveal! It's really, really pretty!! :) I can't wait to read it already. Hehehe, I'm waiting forward to my beloved Sloan brothers' stories, but make sure to get things done when you do as long as you are healthy and happy:) I'm sure we can be a little more patient;)

  2. Oh my gosh! That has to be the most stunning cover I've seen all year!!! It's beautiful - like a photo I'd frame and hang up to show off! Love it!

    Ooooh Baby in the summer! Eeek I hope you're not too miserable :( I'm in Louisiana, had my son in June, and thought I was going to die from heat, LoL >_<