Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breaking the Wrong Teaser

I've been REALLY hush, hush with Breaking the Wrong teasers.
But I'm determined to make up for it and start giving you more and more teasers! Promise! I swear!


I’ve been light on my feet with a giant smile on my face for the past day. But my smile starts to waver because my enemy is a six foot four male that looks ready to attack. I keep a smile on my face, but it’s only to hide the fear that’s racing through my body.
            Macsen drops his bag onto the table with a loud thud and narrows his eyes at me.
            “Hello,” I say with forced cheerfulness. Macsen says nothing as I observe him. “You seem upset.”
            “Oh, I am.” Macsen’s palms settle on the table and he leans closer with a smirk on his face. I smell that clean scent and something twitches in my belly. His light green eyes are filled with speculation as he watches my face.
             “Why are you mad?”
            “Maybe I’m mad because I missed my appointment with Professor Woodell or maybe that I listened to you and now I won’t be able to get another appointment with Woodell for a month because to quote her: ‘If I can’t keep an appointment, then she can’t see me until I learn how to tell time.’”
            That last part makes me smirk. Macsen tilts his head to the side. “You think it’s funny?”
            I shrug my shoulders. “No.”
            “You’re smiling.”
            “Am I?”
            “Why did you lie?” He questions.
            “Didn’t think you’d believe me.” I try to say sincerely.  
            “Okay,” he says with a shrug.
“Okay?” I ask suspiciously.
He walks my to my side of the table and I feel panic. “What are you doing?”
            His bag lands on the table and he looks down at me. “Do I always have to sit on the opposite side of you?”
            “Well, I want to change things up. Do something different today.”
            I don’t like it. Macsen sits down and he’s already way too close. His knee brushes against mine underneath the table, and I instantly try to scoot away. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking the Wrong is Finished!

I'm having so many feelings right now because last Friday, I finished Breaking the Wrong—the book that has had my heart for the last few months.

I'm so happy I could jump around screaming. But I'm also really sad to say good-bye to all these characters. I sound crazy, but it really feels like I just dropped my whole family off at the airport and I won't see them for a long time.

Crazy, but true.

This week I'll be working on re-writes like a maniac. Next week it goes to my amazing editor and then, NEXT MONTH it's yours to read!! 

And I'm so excited because I loved this story. I think every story I write has a special place in my heart but there is something about Emilia's story...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Keep Calm...

Keeping Calm is impossible for me lately, but if I keep repeating that mantra over and over it may happen, right? 

Breaking the Wrong is coming to a close and I've never been more relieved and sad at the same time. 

Emilia's book has stretched my mind and has constantly pushed me to go further. And at times that has made me want to drop my head and cry, or bash my head against the keyboard and simply delete the whole story and pretend it never existed. 
I'm sad because these characters have gripped tight to my heart and I don't want to write this ending, I don't want to say good-bye. 

But I do know one thing...
This story deserves a HEA. 
I feel it. 
I know it. 
And if I changed it to go any other way it would be pretty disingenuous of me. 

Next month I can share Emilia's story with you but until then, look at this picture and, you know... be calm. ;)