Thursday, December 27, 2012

A small reason to celebrate!!!

I've been really working on Breaking the Wrong since last month. And I swear, this book is destroying my emotions.
I could fall back on my sarcasm with Severine's book and with Emilia's story it's a whole different route. I love the challenge it gives me, but it also terrifies me.

So, I'm excited to say I'm HALF-WAY DONE!!!! 
(YES! Victory is mine!!)

I'm really hoping that within the next few weeks I can hand it over to all my beta's. Before you know it, Breaking the Wrong will be in YOUR hands!!!


  1. Oh how I envy your BETA's!! Can't wait to read this book :D

    1. hahahah! I drive my betas crazy! I mule over the simplest sentence with this one!! lol.
      I hope you enjoy Breaking the Wrong! :)