Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaser Two of Every Which Way!!

In celebration over the fact that I'm handing over Severine's story to my editor... (Let's all jump up and down at the same time!!! squee!)
I'm giving you all small, small teaser!!

“Do I need to ask you?” Macsen asked with a playful grin. His light-green eyes were bright. They were going to raze her until there was nothing left. Severine was okay with that. He could get as close to her as he wanted. There was no need to run from him.   
  “Yes,” Severine said in a hushed tone. 
  “See me outside of class, apart from all this bullshit. I want to see just you.”
  Her smile slightly dimmed over his words. Macsen grinned, grabbed her fingers, and held them loosely within his grasp. His words took her off guard. Something furled around in her belly. It spread and reached for her heart, each time never quite grabbing on. 
  “Yeah,” she said slowly. “I’d like that.” 
  Something was languidly forming between them. They were starting to fit together. She was going to remember this moment. It was going to stay with her, without end. 
  The two of them walked back towards their table. Thayer’s eyes seemed to be waiting for her before she had rounded the corner. They always seemed selected in her direction. 
  Call it vicious, but she held his eyes. Right now, she was involved in the world’s longest staring contest. She was going to win. All of her attention was on Thayer. When Macsen's palm touched her lower back, she barely registered the contact. 
  What was worse than being around two Sloan brothers? Having one physical touch her skin, and the others gaze sear her to her very origin. He was too far to know or realize, but his gaze felt more real than skin-to-skin contact. 
  Thayer’s eyes flicked away from her body and back to his computer screen. He repeated the process five times. Each time she felt it rattle her body. 

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