Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teaser of Every Which Way!!!

I'm working very diligently on Severine's book. I promise!!! 
To prove it, here's a little teaser!! 

Thayer’s hand firmly held one of her own. Severine wasn’t going to look away. It was time to confront her biggest fear, perhaps her biggest desire, directly.
  He was simply a guy. But the way he was starring at her lips made him so much more than simple.
 “Can I tell you something?” Thayer asked quietly. 
Severine barely heard him. She nodded her head, and he smiled back lazily. Even drunk, he was gorgeous perfection.  
   “I saw you first.” He rasped out deeply.  “Remember that. I saw you first.”
  Severine, trying to keep the conversation light, smiled weakly. “At the coffee shop?”
  His head shifted back and forth, while his eyelids drooped down. Severine was waiting for him to pass out and drift off into a deep sleep. He shifted slightly. “I’ve seen you many times before that.” 
  She swallowed loudly, “When?” 
  “Around campus with your friend, Lilly. At a couple of parties.” Slowly, his lips rounded into a small smile. Instinctively, Severine held her breath. “You know, you’re like no other girl I’ve ever met? I love that you don’t put up with bullshit.”  His eyes poured out all of his secrets. Her heart was ruined. Without trying, she was falling for him. “You’re rare Severine. Just like your name. It’s impossible to forget you.” 
  She blinked over and over. Severine couldn’t reciprocate anything worth while. Her brain was mush. It was melting fast.  
 “Can I tell you something else?” 
   No, no, no. 
  Severine sucked in her cheeks tightly and nodded stiffly. “I stole Macsen’s phone, and texted you tonight.” 
  “So I was talking to you.” 
  “Would you have came over if you knew it was me?”
  Swallowing felt painful. “Honestly? No.” The truth had never tasted so bitter. 
  “Then you can’t be mad at me for being deceitful.”
  As she sat there in a state of confusion, Thayer drifted to sleep. Severine shifted away from his bed and reached over to cover him with a blanket. 

  A deep breath escaped her mouth. Her hand reached out and traced a line from his cheekbone, down to his lips. He didn’t react. It was a relief to Severine. She doubted that they’d never have a peaceful moment together like this again. Gentle, harmonious occasions in life were rare. Severine knew that this moment would be permanently captured in her mind.
  Severine was a greedy, selfish person. She wanted everything. Right now, sitting here with Thayer, she wanted to keep this moment forever. Nothing gave her the right to desire it so much. 
  A light cough came from the doorway. Severine glanced up quickly to find Macsen standing there, watching her. He glanced down at his brother and her finger shook as she took them away from his face.   
  She walked towards the door. Her voice a whisper. “I guess I should be going.” 
  Macsen nodded his head miserably. “Sorry about, uh...” 
  “About getting wasted?” Severine asked as they walked side by side down the hall. “You had fun Macsen. Something you should probably do more often.” 
  He gave her a brief nod, and leaned on the kitchen island. 
  “Remember to check up on him later.” Severine said as she wrapped her scarf around her neck. 
  “I don’t think I’m the person he’s hoping will check up on him.” 
  “Are you talking about moi?” Severine tried to joke but her voice sounded strained, betraying the awkwardness she was feeling.
  Macsen picked at the beige carpet with his sock. The silence lingered between them. Finally he spoke. “What were you guys doing in there?” 
  “Nothing.” Severine said stiffly.
  He shut his eyes and briefly held them tight before opening them. “I think it would’ve been more than nothing if I hadn’t walked in when I did.” 
  “But you got there just in time, didn’t ya?” 
  The air was thick with tension. Severine stared uncomfortably at Macsen, his expression unreadable.
  “Do you like my brother?” 
  She wanted to tell him that she didn’t know. All she could give him was silence.


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    1. Thanks so much Cristal!! <3 I can't wait to get Severine's story out there, for everyone to read!!

  2. Awesome!! Can't wait to read more, Calia!

    1. Thanks Melissa!!! Must... Finish.... I will FINISH!! LOL!