Monday, August 31, 2015

Fairfax News!

Why am I re-posting the cover for Victoria's story?

Because we have a new title for her story: UNHINGE.

The biggest question I'm sure everyone is thinking is why did the title change?

Simply put: Victoria's—or as she was known in Unravel, Pretend Mommy—story could have a thousand great titles but there will be only one that really clicks into place. (Before Unravel was chosen for Naomi's book, the titles were Unwritten and then for awhile, Unveil. I have a thing for words starting with Un. LOL)

This title is perfect for Victoria's story.

When I look at the new cover I get chills. The title and picture put together is like two parallel worlds colliding—we get to see both how Victoria views herself and how everyone else would label her.

I am so excited for everyone to read Victoria's story! You get a better insight at what life is like at Fairfax and of course you get to meet some new patients along the way! This book goes beyond discovering the truth. I feel like it's a look at someone who has truly lost her sanity and is trying to gain it back!

Unhinge is not a sequel to Unravel. The only thing these two books have in common is the setting. :)

You can pre-order here:

Friday, February 27, 2015

UNTANGLE cover reveal!!

We're about six months away until UNTANGLE releases, YAY! The golden question I'm asked these past few months is: "Who is Victoria?" 
We met her briefly in UNRAVEL.

Oh, Victoria. I can't wait for you to meet this woman, yet I'm terrified. Like Naomi, I want to protect her and hold onto her story for as long as I can. There are so many intricate pieces to UNTANGLE I could write a novella about it. But I'll spare you and instead reveal the unofficial blurb of UNTANGLE and the cover. Which I'm so excited about!!!!!

"They say my name is Victoria. 

They say I'm twenty-seven. 

 They say I've been in this psych ward for over a year. 

 They say my husband is dead, and that my daughter is too.


 Wes visits me almost every night, and I hold my daughter every day. 

 They say, they say, they say...

 I say, it's time to untangle the past, and uncover the truth."

I should mention that UNTANGLE is not a sequel to Unravel. The only thing the two stories share is the location: good ole' Fairfax!

Are you ready to go back?

Google Play:


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


"I press my forehead against the window and breathe on the glass..."

Okay, so it's not actually Naomi's birthday. But today is pretty close runner up.
Today is  UNRAVEL's first pub birthday. Which seems crazy to me. I feel like this last past year has been a big blur. Really great things have happened. All because of this book and because of the readers.

Leading up the release of Unravel was nothing but anxiety and fears that her story wouldn't be accepted. I knew a story like Naomi's was non-existent in the Indie World. There was no one category that it fit into. It wasn't New Adult. Certainly wasn't contemporary. Suspense or thriller? I didn't know.
Publishing is a game of Russian Roulette. The minute you send the book out in the world is the second that you resign yourself to fact that your beloved story may do great.
Or really, really bad.
But Naomi's story was embraced. People started talking about it, spreading the word. Dissecting the story, going back and re-reading to find the truth in her words.
And to see that was amazing.

Seven years ago I was prowling through the bookshelves. I would stop in the R section, right next to Nora Roberts' books, and envision one of my books there.
In August, I got to actually see that happen. Thanks to you, the reader. A really phenomenal agent that saw it's potential, and amazing team at Ballantine!

Turkish Version of UNRAVEL—Published by Yabancı Yayınları. 

"Listen closely. Hang onto every word. But most of all, please believe me." 

I get a lot of questions about UNTANGLE. This book is separate from Naomi's. Although you did meet Victoria in Naomi's book. I WANT to say more, but just like Naomi's story, I'm keeping my lips zipped. :)
Something I can talk a little bit about? The cover. I've seen it and LOVE it. I can't wait for it to be revealed. The picture chosen for the cover is 100% Victoria and fits her story perfectly.

And we can't forget Lachlan. He does have a story, and it's definitely not a retelling of Unravel. His book will pick up where we left off in Unravel, give or take a few months.
I've outlined and worked on a few chapters here or there. Just from those few scenes, I can see that Unravel was just scratching the surface... ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It’s time for that exciting news I’ve mentioned.
It’s actually a miracle that I’ve kept my mouth shut for this long.

It’s been a whirlwind since UNRAVEL released. I was terrified to publish Naomi’s story.  I didn’t know how people would take UNRAVEL. You read the book, and you spread the word. You all embraced these interesting characters. It’s been an amazing six weeks.

But lets back up a week before I released UNRAVEL and I signed with Amy Tannenbaum from the Jane Rotrosen Agency.

This was the first holy-crap-is–this-happening-moment?!

If you know anything about me, it’s that I’ve been hesitant to sign with an agent. But Amy is the real deal. She’s made this experience so exciting. She’s enthusiastic and really believed in Naomi’s story and never stops working. No, I’m not exaggerating. She really works around the clock!

Now that leads me to my second holy-crap-is-this-happening-moment?!

I’m so happy to announce that I signed a TWO-book deal with Random House.

Can we all let that sink in for a moment?

Random House.

I keep waiting for the shock to wear off, but it hasn’t.
This is so much more than a book deal for me.

I look past the cover and words of UNRAVEL and see the moment six years ago where I first pictured Naomi staring out of the window. Or when I timidly sent my older sister chapters.

I stack those moments one on top of the other. And they’ve all led to this.

I’m also so excited to be working with Linda Marrow from Random House. She too saw potential in UNRAVEL.

So what does this all mean? It’s nothing but good, you guys. The e-book price for UNRAVEL is remaining at 2.99 ( . Which is FANTASTIC!

I know you all have been wanting to see UNRAVEL in bookstores and I’m excited to say that it will be coming your way August 26th.

What is the second book? I can’t really say right now. But you haven’t seen the last of the Fairfax characters. They have a lot to say... So does a certain love interest in Naomi’s life.

I want to say thank you to every single person who gave UNRAVEL a try. I read all your messages and comments. I see your UNRAVEL collages and I’m floored and so, so, so grateful.  


Thursday, January 23, 2014



This story is truly a labor of love. Naomi is my very first character. Six years ago she popped into my head and since then she's been a consistent character that would not leave me alone. From the beginning, she's had this quiet strength that intrigued me and scared me.
This, without a doubt, is the hardest story I've ever written. It's pushed me in ways I've never thought possible.
I want to say so much more about Naomi...Unravel...all of it. There's a big part of me that can't wait to press publish, just for the fact that I can TALK about this storyline. FINALLY.

So with all that being said, I can finally announce—with a huge smile on my face and a slight nauseous feeling—that Unravel will be released FEBRUARY 17th!

I'm working on this right now. If you stalk me on Facebook, like I hope you do, then you've been seeing me gush like a psycho path about this story. I'm having so much fun writing it. I can't wait for everyone to read this. Release WILL be Spring 2014. I am aiming to press publish in May.

AND March 10th will be the cover reveal!! The cover is stunning and matches the theme of the series so effortlessly. My cover designer, Regina did an amazing job!

And then there's this other story... Like Unravel it's been with me for a very, very long time. It's something that I constantly think about. I've seen a bit of the cover and it's amazing. I can't wait to share the title, synopsis...everything!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I have news. 

News that I've been wanting to say for the past five years. 

Unravel. is. Done. 

It feels so good to say that. It's like taking a deep cleansing breath!

Carry on with your day and know this book is on it's way. 

Not tomorrow. 
Or the day after. 
But very soon. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Better late than never.

My last post was in May. MAY? How is that even possible?

I took a little hiatus from everything. In June my family and I welcomed the fourth addition to the Read family. She's a beautiful little girl that we absolutely adore! I'm soaking up all the time I can with our little Prinzessin before I blink and she's 5 years old, then 10, and 18... you get the picture. :)

But I thought I post an update on what I'm working on.

Unravel, Unravel, Unravel....I think this book will be the death of me. I really, really do. I've had this story for years. It's more than a simple story to me. I find myself clinging to this story. I write, re-write, then re-write each chapter until it feels just 'right'. I didn't think I was perfectionist, but now I'm beginning to think twice about that.

Naomi is my first character. That first creation of mine who's voice is so strong it scares me. There's times I'm shaking when I'm writing, that my hands can't type fast enough for her words. I can usually relate to my characters. But with Naomi there's nothing we have in common. Yet, I have the strongest bond with her.

I'm hoping to announce the release date very, very soon. But in the mean time, be on the look out for some teasers of Unravel!! You guys are being so patient. I love you for it!

This is a story I'm so excited to sit down an write. I love Lily Partlow. When I first outlined Every Which Way, Lily was truly just Severine's friend. That's it. I didn't see her story or her personality. But she came alive while I wrote the story out and there's so much about her that I can relate to. Rennick Blake (Severine's half-brother) is in this story, along with Severine.

It also has a re-vamped cover.
Check it out! I absolutely LOVE it!

And to what you're probably really reading this for...the SLOAN BROTHERS!!!

Mathias. The oldest Sloan Brother. The one that hides his story behind sarcasm. From day one, I've wanted to know his story and get under his skin and find the truth.

The heart of his story will be in Germany. Of course one book from the Sloan Series HAD to be in Germany. These brothers have to get back to their roots. Especially Mathias. If there is one brother that has to find himself it's Mathias.

Can I tell you WHERE in Germany? Well, there will be many scenes a different towns in Germany, but mainly it will be set in Garmisch. I went there last September and FELL IN LOVE. It's such a beautiful town. Surrounded by mountains. I'm planning a trip to go back there again and I can't wait.

The cover is being worked on right now. Mae I Design is creating something amazing!!

Want a small sneak peek? 
I told you it would be small. ;) 

EVERY CHANGING WAY: This will be Severine and Thayer's story.

I'm discovering that I like Thayer a lot more than I thought. I love complex characters, the "villians" if you will in a story. I understand them. They have pain and flaws and there's a reason why they got to be the way they are. I like to untangle their background and get to know them.

Thayer isn't complex. At least I thought he wasn't. I could definitely get on board with this new Thayer.